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butch femme lesbian couple in the closet

Anonymous Letter From a Terrified Lesbian

“I’ve never felt as shouted down, ignored, and targeted as a lesbian *within* our supposed GLBT community as I have over the past couple of years.”

Jennie Hodgers Bravely Defied Sexist Norms — Honoring Albert Cashier

“Jennie Hodgers, aka Albert Cashier, is a symbol of defiance and bravery—She dreamed bigger than the world would allow. Rewriting Jennie Hodgers as a “man,” does a great disservice to her legacy, and erases the sexism that led her to make the choices she did.”

Marsha Johnson

Honoring a Queen—The Marsha Johnson Story

“Marsha Johnson, aka Malcolm, was a self-proclaimed gay man, drag queen, transvestite, until his death in 1992… So how did Johnson’s story come to be so drastically revised?”

Chiara Canaan Pique Resilience Project

Girlhood Interrupted—Path of Desistance

“The view from my window is of the house next door, and a little winding road that leads to a local co-op… I wish my life, like this view, could’ve been so simple.”