Miriam Ben-Shalom—Lesbian Shero Erased by U.S. Army

Without women like Ben-Shalom, there would be no advancing of our rights, no one to speak up when it really counts the most — when no one else is willing. She wasn’t going to be forced to lie then, and she won’t be forced to lie now.

owl in the woodland trees

Burn’s River

a poem for River… River, a warrior woman runs through you, She conjured up a wish, and from it you grew, Till love, a bright

woman in hijab with girl in the shadows, boy in the light, Liban

Gasping for Air

a poem on International Women’s Day… Were she a man, she wouldn’t be gasping for air, under a veil,  rights stripped bare, Had she a

Detrans Carol Sour Patches Detransitioner Lesbian

A Detrans Story: No Longer Silent

They’ve been told to shut up, and threatened when they don’t. They’ve been ignored by mainstream “LGBTQ” media and organizations for years… Even told they

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