owl in the woodland trees

Burn’s River

a poem for River… River, a warrior woman runs through you, She conjured up a wish, and from it you grew, Till love, a bright

woman in hijab with girl in the shadows, boy in the light, Liban

Gasping for Air

a poem on International Women’s Day… Were she a man, she wouldn’t be gasping for air, under a veil,  rights stripped bare, Had she a

Detrans Carol Sour Patches Detransitioner Lesbian

A Detrans Story: No Longer Silent

They’ve been told to shut up, and threatened when they don’t. They’ve been ignored by mainstream “LGBTQ” media and organizations for years… Even told they

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and the Ongoing Claims of Gender Vultures

If the sharp talons of gender ideology haven’t alarmed you yet, this might do it—While Jolie and Pitt are perfectly content to have a creative daughter named Shiloh, a Google search of “Shiloh” claims they have a “son” and switches her name to “John.”

lesbian erasure thoughtcrime

Cancelled for Thoughtcrimes

Beyond the Screen Door, Chapter 1 Cancelled for thoughtcrimes, I’m sharing this, the first chapter of Beyond the Screen Door, till I can find a

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