No Child is Born in the Wrong Body

“That confusion impacts children…who are statistically more likely to grow up to be [LGB] adults….telling a child that he or she was born in the wrong body pathologizes ‘gender non-conforming’ behavior…”

Nosy Be, Madagascar

Returning Home to Madagascar

“I’ve struggled for weeks about whether to write this, because Madagascar is my home. I’d love to just talk about the sweet breeze, the little islands, the dugout-boats, the lemurs and the giant turtles— But creating change has to start here.”

Chiara Canaan Pique Resilience Project

Girlhood Interrupted—Path of Desistance

“The view from my window is of the house next door, and a little winding road that leads to a local co-op… I wish my life, like this view, could’ve been so simple.”

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