#ProtectJamesYounger isn’t About One Child. It’s About Jacob Lemay and So Many Others …

protect James Younger and Jacob Lemay
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"A child might not like the things you think they should— and that's not an indication of their sex, or even . . . take a deep breath . . . their sexuality."

It’s about an epidemic.

On Monday, a jury ruled to take custody rights away from the father of 7-year-old James Younger, and give the mother sole managing conservatorship. Younger’s mother, who is a pediatrician, decided Younger was “trans” when he was a toddler. The jury’s ruling removed the father’s rights to have a say in whether or not his child can be medicalized.

There was a major uproar. #ProtectJamesYounger went trending online, politicians on the right became involved, and on Thursday, Judge Kim Cooks ruled that Younger, and his twin brother, would remain under joint custody.


#ProtectJamesYounger is still trending, but what about children like Jacob Lemay and Daniel Trujillo, who appeared with their mothers, on CNN Town Hall on October 11th? . . . What about all of the other children just like them, who don’t have a hashtag?

The child pictured below, Jacob Lemay, now 9, first appeared years ago in a 2015 NBC interview . . . An interview in which Lemay’s parents explained how confused and concerned they were because their daughter, a toddler, liked the ‘wrong’ things. They then explained how they concluded, based on these likes and dislikes, that their toddler, Mia, must be a boy who was born in the wrong body.

My wife, Claudia, responds to child abuse applauded at CNN Town Hall

After seeing the CNN footage , my wife, like so many lesbians, was distraught. She wrote a letter for “Day of the Girl.” The letter was only 8 lines long. It begins, “Dear girl, You like super heroes, not dolls. You want to dress like the prince, not the princess.”

My wife wrote the letter before I told her how far back the story with Lemay went, before I showed her footage of Lemay as a toddler dressed as the prince on a family vacation, before I explained this was a defining moment for the parents. I’ve personally never met a lesbian who embraced ‘gender’ roles as a child, so none of this should be surprising, but to point out the obvious, this is what most of us would simply call ‘growing up gay.’

Jacob Lemay dressed as the prince
Screenshot, NBC, Lemay as a toddler, dressed, adorably, as the prince

The so-called “LGBTQ,” a movement that’s been infiltrated by extremists—a movement that was once set up to protect us—is now promoting the idea that we need to be medicalized and fixed if we don’t conform to the stereotypes and roles (‘gender’) expected of us based on sex.

The conflation of ‘gender’ and sex has been strategic. Following the lead of major “LGBTQ” organizations, even the American Psychological Association (APA) now claims that babies, as young as one and a half, can tell us their ‘gender identity.’ Or, as anyone with half a brain might say, a child might not like the things you think they should, and that’s not an indication of their sex, or even . . . take a deep breath . . . their sexuality.

While statistics show that the vast majority of children, like Lemay, would grow up to be LGB adults, if allowed to grow up, ‘gender ideology’ pushes the idea that we need to change the children, rather than question the stereotypes and roles pushed as the ‘norm.’

Magdalen Berns discusses toddler Jacob Lemay, and parent’s 2015 interview

Statistically, 85% of children who experience ‘dysphoria’ would desist, if they were allowed to grow up. That statistic drops to between 0-10%, once a child is put on the path of social or medical ‘transition.’ It’s repackaged ‘gay conversion therapy,’ rebranded as “progressive” and put back on the shelf.

Lemay’s mother, Mimi, has a book coming out next month. She’s advising parents on how to handle children who don’t conform to so-called norms. Watching this unfold, as a lesbian, is an absolute nightmare.

While the mainstream media on the left typically withholds information on these issues from their readers, media on the right and center made a lot of noise on this one. But #ProtectJamesYounger isn’t just about one child . . . It’s about an epidemic of young people being medicalized, long before they ever even have a chance to reach full cognitive brain development. It’s about a massive human rights violation of our youth. And it’s a non-partisan issue. We all need to prioritize protecting these children.

screenshot, Younger as a toddler

At the root, people (on all sides) will find that an unwillingness to let go of their own sexist and homophobic ideas, is what’s caused all of this. Ideas that are taught to us everywhere we look, everywhere we go, from the time we first come into this world.

This insidious pro child abuse movement was born of a world that’s obsessively and forever pushed the idea that there’s a right and a wrong way to be female . . . a right and a wrong way to be male. And now there’s a “progressive” excuse to say so. The gay movement, a movement that once swore they weren’t coming for your kids, has been infiltrated . . . And those infiltrators are coming for your children, with a scalpel in hand.

جوليا ديانا — Julia Diana Robertson, is an award-winning author, and a contributor for Huffington Post and AfterEllen—A first generation Arab-American, who grew up between worlds, and currently resides somewhere in the middle with a bird’s eye view. 

day of the girl

Julia and her wife Claudia… disrupting fragile masculinity since forever ago.

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